Monica Charles is a writer, poet, Native American activist, veteran of the Trail of Broken Treaties and the occupation of Wounded Knee II. Monica is an enrolled member of the  Klallam Tribe and as an Elder works tirelessly to preserve her native traditions.

Lizzy Tool is a starving artist, photographer, quilter and blogger. She is  half Portuguese half Euromutt . She encountered Monica Charles after writing a comment about a woman whose hands were cut off in a Buffy Sainte-Marie song…fairly clueless about the indigenous history of the United States. A friendship developed over the subject of AIM activist Anna Mae Pictou Aquash with Monica patiently answering (or not!) typical colonizer questions!

Monica and Lizzy grew up in similar and yet completely different worlds. While white people have also have to deal with abuse in all forms, dysfunctional families (there is no real BRADY BUNCH). Whites do not deal with racism day in and day out 24/7. In Lizzy’s world law enforcement officers  have never  been anything but courteous, respectful and helpful whenever she was in need….or guilty of a traffic violation…but for Monica there has been nothing but violence, threats and a legal system which has turned a blind eye to crimes against Native Americans and Native women in particular.

The purpose of this blog is to bring to light problems that Native Americans face as well as the many success stories.

Lizzy will on occasion stick her foot in her mouth….sometimes both of them!!!  If and when she does please bring it to her attention…she is quite good at reflecting and apologizing….40 years of colonizing views does not erase in a year….


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