The story of Bill Janklow continues from the Jancita Eagle Deer page….previously he has allegedly raped an underage girl, Miss Eagle Deer. With a changing story/alibi the corrupt police decline to prosecute the horrific crime. Eventually the white people of South Dakota reward him by electing him as the governor of South Dakota and the FBI provides refuge from any investigations while he is in office. Yes much to the horror of my little white world where I used to believe the justice and political system is run by honorable truthful individuals I am heartbroken that in actuality many are lying corrupt scoundrels! Providing cover for each other as they sink further into greed and corruption.

Before the alleged rape of Jancita Eagle Deer Bill Janklow had allegedly raped another young white girl when he was 16…the records were sealed as he was a juvenile but future alleged rapist and killer ex-governor and congressman had this to say about the charges.

JANKLOW: It wasn’t rape; just the preliminaries.

And of course as with the story of Jancita Eagle Deer all excerpts are from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.

When Janklow was elected to Congress in 2002, Hank Adams, the Assiniboine who had negotiated the end of the Trail of Broken Treaties, asked the House of Representatives to investigate him. Adams drew Congress’s attention to Janklow’s illegal incursions on the Yankton and Pine Ridge reservations and to Judge Gonzalez’s finding that he had raped Jancita Eagle Deer. Adams suggested that if the House agreed that Janklow had committed such crimes, it should refuse to seat him. Congress ignored Adams entirely.

I (Steve Hendricks) was curious about why and Indian leader who commanded the respect of nearly all who knew him was, after so many years, still pursuing Janklow, whom I had never heard of and whose crimes, real or alleged, were older than I. After speaking with Adams, I asked the FBI and BIA to produce their reports on Eagle Deer’s rape claim. Both bureaus acknowledged that they should have the reports, but both said they couldn’t find them.

I called Janklow’s congressional office and told his press secretary that I presumed Jankow had the reports and that I also presumed he would share them since he had (as I had learned ) often said that the FBI’s investigation in 1975 had cleared him beyond doubt…..Janklow had decided I didn’t need the reports after all.

The reports as it turned out, had already entered the public domain by another route. When Janklow sued Matthiessen, Viking Press, and Newsweek in 1983, he opened himself to the possibility that the defendants would ask for his FBI and BIA files. they did just that, and the documents were entered into the court record, where I found them decades later in the archives of several states.

Even in their heavily censored state, the reports made plain why Janklow did not want people to see them. To begin with, his alibi for the rape was deeply flawed. he had first told his alibi ti Kaye Lord, the boarding school supervisor, on the afternoon after the alleged rape, his story being that he and Eagle Deer had left his house fo the dance hall at 8:00 and the ending time of 8:45 roughly matched what Eagle Deer told Lord. But the next day Janklow changed his alibi. He now told BIA investigator Peter Pitchlynn that the drive had started at 8:00 but had lasted only until 8:15-just long enough to get to the darkened field several miles from town and come directly back, but nowhere near long enough for a rape.

This was not the only improvement Janklow’s alibi enjoyed in the following days. When Janklow spoke with Kaye Lord, he didn’t mention anyone who could verify his story. But days later he led the FBI to the three witness, all of whom said Janklow had returned to the dance hall in town no later than 8:20. The most formidable of the witnesses was the town’s police chief, Jim Deuchar, a friend of Janklow, Deuchar told the FBI that Janklow came to the police station, just to chat, at 8:20. He remembered the time precisely because he was making an entry in the police log when Janklow walked in. (There is no sign the log was ever produced.) Deuchar also told the FBI that a few minutes after Janklow arrived, Eagle Deer wandered over from the dance hall, where Janklow had dropped her off, and tried to get Janklow to buy her peppermint schnapps. Janklow said no and she left.

JanklowS other witnesses were a pair of sisters named Amy and Patty Wright, aged fifteen and thirteen. The Wrights said, essentially, that they met Eagle Deer in Mission at 8:20 as she was getting out of Janklow’s car and stayed with her for the next several hours.

The trouble with Janklow’s new witnesses was that their stories could not simultaneously be true. If the Wright girls were with Eagle Deer from the moment she stepped out of Janklow’s car, then they had to have been with her at the police station. but Police Chief Deuchar did not say that the Wrights had come with Eagle Deer to the station, nor did the girls say they had done so. Someone was or all of them were, lying.  Coincidentally or not, after Janklow rose to power, the mother of the Wright girls became known as one of Janklow’s most favored supporters on the Rosebud Reservation. Coincidentally, or not as an adult, one of the Wright girls was given to boasting that she could get Governor janklow on the phone in under five minutes any time of day, any day of the week.

Of course the FBI agent couldn’t be bothered to collect any physical evidence or question the conflicting stories…

“You’d wait to see if he (the U.S.attorney) wanted to prosecute,” Penrod (investigating FBI agent)said. “Then, if he did, you’d gather that kind of evidence.”

The documents from the court archives also shed light on Eagle Deer’s rape exam. The doctor who performed it was fresh out of medical school and had to find a book on how to do the exam. Even then , he didn’t know that the lapse of thirty-six hours between the alleged rape and his exam would sharply cut the odds of finding semen,.  The doctor also didn’t know that he needed to swab for semen outside Eagle Deer’s vagina and comb her groin for foreign pubic hairs. When she complained of a tender thigh, he didn’t see in her complaint a possible symptom of sexual assault. ( A doctor who testified before Judge Gonzalez seven years later did.) And because he didn’t examine Eagle Deer beyond her pubis, he completely missed the nickel-sized hickey on her breast, visible in an investigative photo. The most thedoctor could have reasonably concluded from the exam was that Eagle Deer had exhibited symptoms consistent with rape but that rape could be neither proven nor disproven. The doctor, however, said no semen meant no rape, and Agent Penrod and Assistant U.S. Attorney Clabaugh agreed.

Andrea Smith, a professor of Native American Studies a the University of Michigan, has found evidence of gross, ongoing under-prosecution of reservation rapes, but she has been unable to pinpoint the extent of the under prosecution because no U.S. Attorney will tell her how many rape complaints are received or prosecuted on reservations.

The rules that govern the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court say that when a member is disbarred from another court, he or she is, ipso facto, disbarred from the Supreme Court. After Janklow was elected to Congress in 2002, a law student named David Harris who spent part of his childhood on the Rosebud Reservation sent the Supreme Court a copy of Judge Gonzalez’s order disbarring Janklow from tribal court. Harris told the justices that, given the rules of their bar, they had to disbar the congressman. the court ignored him.

I called the court to ask why. A spokeswoman told me that for a member of the Supreme Court bar to be expelled, the lower court making the initial disbarment had to request the Supreme Court to do the same. In this case, the tribal court had not done so, so the Supreme Court would not disbar Jankow. the spokeswoman also said that the lower court had to be the highest court i its jurisdiction, which a tribal court was not. I confessed my puzzlement. I had a copy of the rules of the Supreme Court bar open before me, and nowhere could I find the requirements she was citing. There followed much ummming and ahhhing from her end of the line, until finally she said tat the requirements were not actually written in the rules; they were just sort of implied. To my layman’s ear, it sounded a tad arbitrary for  the highest court in the land to ignore its written rules and make up new ones as it went along.


On August 16th, 2003 Congressman Janklow’s while speeding and running a stop sign collided with a 700 lb. Harley-Davidson….

When the motorcycle hit the car, it was, they said, as if an auto parts store exploded-gears and springs, rubber and spokes, washers and chrome flying everywhere.

Since 1994, police had caught Janklow speeding more than twenty times…..racing down the highway with flashing lights that Janklow had installed and illegally used on his private cars-and let him off  every time. During this period Janklow caused at least seven wrecks but never had his license suspended. In three of the wrecks, he claimed, as he would on the day he KILLED RANDY SCOTT, that a car or animal entered his lane and forced him to swerve. Witnesses never saw the other cars or animals, one of which the police derided as a “phantom vehicle.”


A few weeks after Randy Scott was killed, the state’s attorney for Moody County, a former Republican only recently converted to Democracy,l charged Janklow with three misdemeanors and manslaughter in the second degree. The latter was a felony punishable by ten years in prison and $10,000 in fines. (Janklow’s people had lobbied for a dingle reckless-driving charge, a misdeameanor with a maximum of one year in jail and $1,000 in fines.) The congressman was tried in December 2003 in Flandreauk seat of Moody County, which by chance was his boyhood home. During his four gubernatorial terms, Janklow had blessed Flandreau’s 2,376 residents with an egg-production co-op, a community center, a swimming pool, an airport-Janklow International, wits called the last. In return, citizens had given him their votes in diluvial quantity. Observers wondered how impartial a local jury would be.

Janklow mounted a defense unique in the annals of American law: innocence by reason of hypoglycemia-by reason that is of low blood sugar. His lawyer explained that on the morning of the accident, the diabetic Janklow had given himself his usual insulin shot but then neglected to eat during the rest of the day.

Oh please….. and of course as in the rape investigation his story had changed from a car had swerved into his lane to I had low blood sugar…the jury did convict him…..reluctantly…and later at the sentencing hearing…

At the close of the hearing, Judge Rodney Steele opined that Janklow had been a distinguished public servant and that because his conviction had forced him to resign from Congrss, he had already endured a “special” humiliation, hence was not in need of harsh sentencing. He jailed Janklow for 100 of a possible 3,650 days, for killing nobody, Sarah Bad Heart Bull, Dennis Banks and Russell means had been sentenced by south Dakota judges to multiples of Janklow’s sentence. Judge Steele further decreed that if Janklow stayed aright of the law for three years his conviction would be sealed-in effect erased from his record, as if Randy Scott had never been killed. Later that day, the Scott family filed a civil suit against Janklow for wrongful death. their lawyer said they would seek millions.

The Scott family ended up settling with the United States for 1 million as it was determined that the Congressman was on “official” business at the time of the accident….so yes folks…THE TAX PAYERS PICKED UP THE BILL FOR THE CORRUPT MURDERER BILL JANKLOW.

Here is a list of links about Bill Janklow







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