All excerpts are from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks.


(Norman) Zigrossi was the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Rapid City resident agency..

He became infamous in Indian Country for saying of its occupants,” They’re a conquered nation, and when you’re conquered, the people you’re conquered by dictate your future.” (Sounds to me like this FBI agent was the one that was conquered….by the government who dictates his actions as well as his thoughts.)

He called his agents…..”a colonial police force”.

He said a small-caliber head wound could cause almost no bleeding and could be nearly undetectable once a body had begun to decompose….he said….none of the paramedics or nurses or doctors who had seen the body had detected the least sign of injury.

…no agents had been at the autopsy, and the lone agent who saw Aquash at Amiotte’s ranch did not identify her for the good reason that he had never seen a picture of her.

Kevin McKiernan…reporting on Pine Ridge…found a nurse by the name of Inez Hodges who….had seen (Aquash) in the morgue  and had instantly noticed an odd and obvious mark on the woman’s eye socket: the lodged bullett….

She also saw a swath of blood on the white plastic sheet beneath the woman’s head.

Hodges showed her findings to a co-worker, whose name the FBI knows but to this day will not release. (Why not? And why doesn’t Inez Hodges say who she told?)

Kevin McKiernan also found Dr. Stephen Shanker, who pronounced Aquash dead on arrival. Shanker was just out of medical school…Nonetheless, in the first moments of his exam, he noticed that the hair on the back of Aquash’s head was matted with dried blood. He put his hand there and got a palmful of blood, apparently freshly thawed.

His analysis was unequivocal- “she hadn’t died of natural causes; it looked like a police matter”…

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