SKULL AND BONES (grrrrrrr)

Thankfully I grew up with a father who had a great disdain for joining “secret” groups….I think he viewed any group that would exclude others as being cowardly or weak. The Elks and Moose..the Masons they would all try to get him to join and he would decline their invitations.

Recently THE HUFFINGTON POST has been reporting on a human skull that was made into a ballot box was to be auctioned off by CHRISTIE’S for SKULL AND BONES. First of all no matter if this skull is Native American or not…and I’m not even getting into bones being displayed in museums…. any group that uses a human skull for the purposes of a ballot box any member that belongs to such a group is surely a depraved human being lacking in good conscience and morals.

It was finally reported that the skull has been withdrawn from the auction more on HUFFINGTON POST.

and here is a piece from CNN I’m not sure if the same skull that is being used as a ballot box is the one believed to be Geronimo’s skull…

And here is an interesting link from someone from the HUFFINGTON POST left in a comment

And here is HARLYN GERONIMO at a press conference announcing a lawsuit over the skull.

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