This is my current bedtime reading. A thoughtful book about a dam built in Montana and how a fictitious tribe deals with it. Here are two passages that have stuck with me…

The dreadful outcome of a master-slave population, such as this had been for twenty generations is the brutalization of both parties; the upper man loses his capacity for compassion, although he may live on a high plane of esthetic expression, while the bottom man must live without hope, and sinks himself instead in fatalistic religion, or alcohol, or wife beating. The Peruvian peasants had found their escape in coca chewing..

My first thought was wow what a prediction for todays times…but in reality it has been going on for centuries.  As an American my tendency is to form my opinions based on my experience instead of the experience of the whole. I always have to go back to do that sort of work.

Murder is not an isolated occurrence. It has its roots, its certain logic. Justice has the task of discovering that logic.

If only we could apply that to everyone not only on a singular level but on the broad system of prisons we have set up….

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