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All excerpts are in italics and from THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Steve Hendricks. …and with permission from the author.

These were previously posted on my personal blog ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST but scattered here and there…these posts brought about much conflict and those opposing (FBI groupies) could easily get a rise out of me. I am editing these posts and this time around I hope that they will bring more grace to the situation.

The trial of this case in Rapid City is ongoing and probably one of the most confusing/confounding trials I have ever heard of. If the defendants were white I have no doubt that the trial would not be taking place and if the defendants were white the trial would be reported in mainstream media and in the nightly news with civil rights groups demanding investigations of the FBI. But hopefully this time around there are enough writers/journalists/bloggers paying attention….perhaps this trial will be more fair.

I have no idea who killed Anna Mae Aquash I think it is up in the air FBI? AIM??? Either one or a combination of both would not surprise me.


FBI’s version:

On February 24th 1976 (and they still trying this case) a rancher near the Badlands came across a body found, curled on it’s left side.

Roger Amiotte, the rancher

did not approach the body. He went back to his house, and called the Bureau of Indian Affairs police in Kyle..  The police had an officer at his place in twenty minutes. The officer was followed by deputy sheriffs from Kadoka…then by two BIA investigators and a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations from the town of Pine Ridge...

A search of the crime scene showed no sign of the crime: no violence to the body, no bullet casings or gunpowder, no scuff marks in the scrub, nothing so much as a footprint. A few tufts of dark hair clung to the face of the blond embankment, suggesting the unfortunate had fallen over it.

Jane Doe was driven to the Indian Health Service hospital in Pine Ridge…The pathologist judged her an Indian of twenty to twenty-five years, five feet two inches, 110 pounds, and light complexion, though dehydration and exposure had darkened her. She had borne a child or children and had surrendered a gallbladder to a surgeon and, nearer to death, had had sexual intercourse of a voluntary nature. She had died, the pathologist eventually said-…of frostbite and had lain in the elements for seven to ten days. Her decay was so severe that her fingerprints could not be taken at the hospital, so the FBI asked that her hands be chopped off and forwarded to its laboratory in Washington.

…the authorities on Pine Ridge tried to identify the woman…Her decomposition worsening, she was moved to a mortuary, but the body proved too far gone to preserve. On March2, 1976…Jane Doe was given a Catholic service and a pauper’s burial in an unmarked grave by order of the BIA police.

The next afternoon, the FBI Identification Division in Washington called the FBI field office in Rapid City, which over saw operations on Pine Ridge. Washington told Rapid City…..the Identification Division had matched (the hands) to Anna Mae Aquash, a federal fugitive and luminary in the American Indian Movement.

It took two days to find her family in Canada.

That was the FBI’s story….TO BE CONTINUED

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